VIICode Oxygen Mask Review

December 16, 2016
VII Code Oxygen Mask Review

Hello everyone! I’m back from my brief blogging hiatus. I’ve been super busy with my day job recently, and we are also fostering a 10 month old puppy who just had surgery to repair a broken femur. 😀

I want to start off by saying that this is a sponsored post, but don’t worry I’m still giving you my very honest opinion of the product. VIICode was nice enough to send me their O2M Oxygen Eye Mask for dark circles to try and review. Honestly, my under eye area is a place that I tend to neglect skincare wise. I’m not strict with applying a designated product to that area every night, so I was pretty excited to try a new product that might help with puffiness and dark circles.

O2M Oxygen Eye Mask retails for $58, and the box comes with 6 sets of masks (so $9.67/mask). You are directed to apply the eye mask before bed and leave it on for 8 hours. I love the idea behind eye masks, especially with my wedding fast approaching. This is definitely a product I will consider using the night before my wedding. I tend to wake up with very puffy eyes (especially if I’m dehydrated from a few glasses of wine)!

I’ve used the O2M Oxygen Eye Mask several times now. When you first apply the mask there is a cooling sensation, which I really like! I didn’t experience any irritation or stinging with the masks at all.

VII Code Oxygen Mask Review

One thing I’ve found is that I cannot seem to keep them on my under eyes all night. I must touch or rub my face in my sleep because I wake up with these things all over in the morning (on my shirt, on my pillow, etc.). Even though I haven’t been able to keep the eye mask on my under eye throughout the night, my eyes have not been puffy or tired looking on the nights I have used this product.

Overall I am happy with this product and will continue to use them in the future especially on nights before big events (such as my wedding). The only downside to the product is they are a bit pricey, but if you don’t mind paying the higher price tag then these are definitely a good choice for you!


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