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My Love Hate Relationship – Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation Review

October 21, 2016
Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation Review

Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation Review

I’ve delayed writing this blog post because I honestly couldn’t decide what my thoughts were on the Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation. Finally, I just came to the conclusion that I have a love hate relationship with it. Some days I absolutely love the way this foundation looks on my skin, and some days it seems to go on patchy and I really hate it.

Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation Review

I ordered the shade 4.0, which seems to be half a shade too dark for me right now but I can make it work. Its perfect for me when I am self tanned. The foundation retails for $40, and is supposed to be “A full-coverage, matte-finish, waterproof foundation that lasts all night”. I have’t ever worn Urban Decay’s regular Naked Skin foundation, but I imagine it to be totally different in formula and finish.

I have combination skin, and it’s typically more oily in our hot, humid South Carolina summers. When I bought this foundation we were still mid summer down here, so I’ve had the chance to test it out during two seasons. Here’s what I found.

Application : This foundation is very tricky, and frankly sort of hard to apply. It dries down so quickly that it is hard to blend out without getting patchy uneven coverage. I like applying it with a brush because I am able to work more quickly than with my Beauty Blender. Some days I still choose to apply with a Beauty Blender, but I make sure my BB is really damp and work in small sections on my face.

The consistency is sort of a cross between a cream and gel? I hope that is a good way to describe it. It’s not serum-like or runny like the NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation, but they do apply similarly and have a similar coverage / finish.

The difficulty of application is the basis for the hate part of my relationship with this foundation.

Finish : Despite being described as having a matte finish, I find this foundation to have more of a satin finish. I needed to use a mattifying primer underneath (plus set it with translucent powder) during the summer months to keep me matte through out the day. Now that the weather is cooler (and much less humid) I have found that I can get away without the mattifying primer, and I can even get away without setting it with powder all over. If I don’t set with powder (which honestly just doesn’t feel right to me because I’m so used to getting oily in my t-zone), I can expect for my natural oils to peek through by the end of the day. I don’t mind that because I find it helps my face look more healthy and dewy.

I definitely think this foundation is not for people with dry skin. Because of the difficulty of application and the satin finish, I think it may cling to dry patches and make you look splotchy. My mom tried a sample of it (she has mature, dry skin), and she said it was too drying for her.

Wear : The love part of my relationship with this foundation has to do with the wear time. This is definitely one of the longer wearing foundations I own. It’s usually my go-to for days that I have to work 12 hours straight.

Bottom Line? I do like this foundation, but it’s definitely not for everyone. I have to be in the right mood to wear it (aka the mood to spend more time blending out my foundation and making sure its even). I definitely think people will love or hate it, or maybe you will be like me – love and hate it!


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